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Spotting a Transmission Valve Body Failure in Your Porsche

by techplusaadmin May 7, 2022

Porsche drivers must be aware of the common problems that certain models encounter, as some models are more prone to specific problems than others. If you own a Porsche and have not heard about the possible transmission valve body failure that Porsche drivers have, this article will give you some more details.

Your Porsche is built to perform at its best. It has a sleek design and a plethora of luxury features that will impress any driver. These amazing vehicles are known for their excellent handling and smooth gear transitions at high speed. The effectiveness and general condition of the transmission valve body, however, can affect all of these features. Let’s take a closer look at this core component and talk about how to keep your Porsche in good shape.

What Is The Function Of the Transmission Valve Body?

A transmission valve body is a critical component of the transmission in your vehicle. It directs the transmission fluid to the valves and controls it. This tends to keep the gears in good working condition. In other words, this component transports hydraulic fluid to the valves via a series of passageways and channels, allowing the gears to shift smoothly.

An automatic transmission system’s valve body is critical to its operation. When it comes to becoming faulty or malfunctioning, this part is not as prevalent as some others. However, if the valve body has a problem, it can be quite difficult to fix. In most cases, the only options are a complete replacement.

Symptoms That You Might Have A Transmission Valve Body Problem

  • The check engine light is illuminated: Your Porsche’s check engine light is an early warning system for a variety of potential issues. However, if the light is illuminated and you’re getting transmission-related codes, the valve body could be held responsible. Your car should be inspected by a professional mechanic as early as possible.
  • When transmission slips out of gear: This could be a sign that the valve body isn’t working properly. Your car may attempt to shift up but then quickly downshifts. It’s also possible that the motor won’t be able to shift into a higher gear at all, causing the RPM to remain higher than usual.
  • Banging and Knocking Sounds: You may have a malfunctioning transmission valve body if you hear strange sounds when accelerating, braking, or shifting into reverse. The most likely cause of such noises is a failure of parts within the component. These are caused by faulty valves colliding with other components.
  • Garage shifts: When your car shifts from park to reverse or park to drive, it is referred to as a “garage” shift. This is yet another symptom of a faulty valve body.

Consequences of a Transmission Valve Body Failure

Slipping gears is a problem that occurs when the gears shift and it doesn’t hold but instead drops down into the previous gear.

Another sign of a valve body failure is delayed response upon receiving a command. After you give the command to slow down or speed up, your Porsche may take a while to respond. A jerking motion before the vehicle decides to move forward or backward is also an indication of this problem.

Tech Plus Automotive Can Help

Any issue with your Porsche’s transmission can be incredibly dangerous, and it should be diagnosed and repaired Porsche Transmission Valve Body Check by a reputed and reliable team of experts. The valve body can fail due to general wear, contamination of fluid, or a lack of or insufficient lubrication.

Our shop has tens of thousands of dollars invested into the latest vehicle diagnostic tools, equipment and technology to ensure the most accurate services possible. Our facility features everything including:

  • Computers
  • Scanners
  • OEM diagnostic tools
  • Hunter Roadforce Balancer

At Tech Plus Automotive, we are here to assist you. Our friendly staff is here to assist you with maintaining your car so you can spend less time worrying about what’s wrong and more time behind the wheel.

If your Porsche has any issue, we are happy to help you get it back on the road, whether you’re in Phoenix, McCormick Ranch, Paradise Valley, or Scottsdale, Arizona. Call us today to set up an appointment and find out why we’re the best mechanics to maintain the condition of your Porsche!

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