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Symptoms of an Oil Leak from the Rear Main Seal of Your Porsche

by techplusaadmin January 25, 2022

Porsches are high-performance cars with high-quality engines and systems, but the older models are prone to oil leaks from the rear main seal. This is located deep below your vehicle’s engine compartment and it is very difficult to reach. The rear main seal is placed at the back of your car’s engine and serves a critical function: it keeps the oil trapped in the machine. To fix it, you’d have to disassemble all of the engine’s components, which is quite a time-consuming process and is labour intensive. This is why if you have an older model and the rear main seal fails, the cost of repair is likely to be higher.

Symptoms Of Oil Leaks

If your car is exhibiting any of the symptoms listed below, schedule an appointment with your mechanic right once.

  • Excessive Loss Of Oil: If you find yourself not taking a different or longer route to your destination and yet filling up the gas tank more frequently than usual, be concerned. Your automobile may be on the verge of a rear main seal failure. This can happen even if there are no signs of leakage. If your oil light tends to turn on soon after getting an oil change, don’t dismiss it. It could be a warning, indicating an initial stage of the oil leak.
  • Spots Of Oil: The puddle of oil that your Porsche leaves on a neat parking lot, driveway, or garage floor is another key indicator that your car is trying to offer you in order to point to its broken rear main seal. If you find your car leaving oil spots after being parked for an extended amount of time, don’t brush the matter aside and take immediate action.
  • Dirt And Debris: A buildup of dirt or dust at the transmission-engine interface is a sure sign of an oil leak caused by a failed rear main seal. Because oil has a sticky texture and feels, dirt and debris from the road adhere to the oil-covered parts of the engine, thus contributing to the symptoms of the broken rear main seal.
  • Emission Of Smoke: Oil leaking due to a cracked rear main seal can frequently flow over the vehicle’s exhaust, causing smoke to billow from beneath the car. If your tailpipe is emitting smoke, pay close attention to the matter as it’s not something to dismiss.

Causes Of Rear Main Seal Leak

You may face a rear main seal leak for a number of reasons. Let’s take a look at some of those below:

  • Low-Level Oil: The rear main seal can leak if you use low-level engine oil or an unsuitable type of oil. Oiling your engine more frequently can also be a cause, as these oils contain chemical compounds that can cause seals in your car’s engine to deteriorate, causing them to leak.
  • The Condition Of Crankshaft: Because rear main seals have a lip that sits on the shaft, the crankshaft must be in perfect shape. Any wear or flaw in the crankshaft can lead to a leak of the rear main seal.
  • Lack Of Use: The seal in your car’s engine can deteriorate if you do not use it on a regular basis. Regular driving ensures that oil is circulated throughout the machine, including seals, keeping them in prime condition.
  • Poor Installation: Even when employing high-quality materials, a rear main seal can be damaged or fail after a short time on the road. If you notice a condition like this, it’s likely that the neighbouring components in the engine, such as the crankshaft, were installed incorrectly.

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