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Symptoms of Front Strut Failure Issues in a Volvo

by techplusaadmin June 24, 2022

Strut failure issues in Volvos are as common as any other part failure. Your Volvo is not immune to normal wear and tear experienced in all automobiles. Normal maintenance is important in avoiding costly mechanical breakdowns of your Volvo parts. One of these parts is the struts.

The front struts on your Volvo are an integral element of the vehicle’s suspension system. Shocks and struts play a significant role in stabilizing your vehicle movements, enhancing control when you negotiate turns, accelerate, brake, or encounter uneven road surfaces. Shocks are independent components, while the struts combine the shock and other features in a single unit.

Front strut failure in your Volvo cannot only be attributed to:

  • Natural breakdown over time
  • Striking curbs as you turn, especially when you make sharp turns
  • Driving through potholes at high speeds
  • Rusting of the air suspension system
  • Salty and dirty water
  • Unclean undercarriage of your car

Symptoms of Front Strut Failure

Let us now take a look at the symptoms to look for in your Volvo if you suspect your front struts have problems:

Unusual Sounds When Driving over Bumps and Bumpy Rides

The front strut of your Volvo holds the body, chassis, and wheel system when you drive over bumps to ensure smooth rides. You will lose the ability to go over bumps without producing unusual sounds if your front struts are damaged. The sound you hear is a knocking or clunking sound, like two metals are grinding or hitting against each other.

Any road bump you hit will make you very uncomfortable in the cabin. Several parts that make up the struts wear out over time. Notably, your bushings and shocks lose the ability to properly support the strut as they wear. This will lead to the struts to bottom out. Bottomed out struts cause the metal to metal contact, hence the knocking sound. Noises produced from the wheels are a sign that your struts are failing.

Hovering Front End

In the course of driving your Volvo, you will experience a floating and hovering feeling. You may also experience veering to one side of the road. Your car will take off on its own to one side of the road, be it left or right side while holding the steering wheel in position. This might be smooth on even roads but gets worse on rougher roads.

Irregular Tire Wear

In the course of your driving experience, you might have come across a tire that is unevenly worn out. Worn out struts will unevenly wear your tires because the car is not being held equally by the entire front suspension. Your vehicle’s worn out struts also make the car bounce, causing a reduced hold of force on the road. This process can also cause faster tire wear.


Your car will drift from side to side, especially when taking corners, even when you have a firm grip on your steering wheel. Failed front struts will probably cause an issue with the air suspension. If the front strut fails, then the air suspension system will probably have issues leading to this drifting. Driving a drifting car is a safety hazard as it endangers not only the driver’s life but other road users. When you experience drifting, contact a Volvo specialist immediately.

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