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Symptoms of Transmission Failure in Your Acura

by techplusaadmin November 13, 2019

Acura’s cars are designed with Japanese precision and attention to detail and are suited to the demands of American lifestyles. However, even machines with the most thoughtful and intelligent design features can start to fail if neglected by their owner. With this in mind, in this article, we will take a look at the signs and symptoms of transmission failure in your Acura and discuss where to go for help.

Manual and Automatic Transmission

There are 2 types of transmission: manual and automatic. A manual transmission is a relatively simple piece of machinery and is basically a more powerful rendition of a bicycle gear changer. When you shift gears, the clutch briefly disconnects the engine and transmission, which allows you to shift into new gear. When the gear is changed, the clutch is released.

As the name might suggest, an automatic transmission does what the manual transmission does automatically. This is popular with drivers, as they don’t need to change gears at all. The car does it for them, meaning they can spend more time enjoying the driving experience. Automatic transmission also has a torque converter which monitors road and engine changes and changes the gears accordingly.

Symptoms of Transmission Failure

There are seven main symptoms of transmission problems which are:

1. Noises

Changing gears should be a noiseless process. If you start hearing whining or clunking noises when changing gears, then you have a transmission problem on your hands.

2. Unresponsive

A fully-functional transmission should be able to change gears in an instant. Any hesitation or delay in gear change is sign of an issue that needs investigating.

3. Burning Smell

Burning smells in vehicles are never a good sign and should always be investigated by a professional mechanic quickly. Burning smells when changing gears are often a sign of transmission fluid overheating.

4. Fluid Leaks

To change gears, your vehicle uses pressurized fluid known as transmission fluid. If the system becomes damaged, then this fluid can leak from the system.

5. Grinding Gears

The way this symptom presents itself varies between the two transmission types. In a manual transmission, you will actually be able to feel the gears grinding, which can be a sign of a worn-out clutch or transmission synchronizer. This issue manifests in automatic transmissions as a rough or noticeable shift in gears.

6. Neutral Noises

Noises from your transmission when in neutral are often caused by expired transmission fluid or transmission fluid that is running low.

7. Warning Lights

Warning lights, such as the check engine light, may illuminate on your dashboard due to transmission failure. This can often indicate a more serious issue with your transmission and should be investigated by a trusted mechanic.

The Acura MDX

When it comes to Acura and transmission issues, one model line stands out. Since the early days of the MDX line (around 2001), drivers have reported automatic transmission problems. The most common problems reported included:

• Difficulties Shifting Gear
• Blinking D4 Light
• Check Engine Light
• Error codes P0700, P0740, and P0370

If the gears in your MDX stop shifting smoothly, then it has likely developed a mechanical failure somewhere within the system. However, before you deem your transmission a write off, try changing the transmission fluid and also the sensor, as these can often mimic a mechanical problem.

Also, if you are an MDX driver, you need to be a little more diligent when it comes to caring for your transmission and should seek advice from experienced mechanics at the first sign of issue.

Servicing, Maintenance, and Repairs

The number one way to prevent transmission issues is Acura Transmission Repair to keep on top of your servicing and maintenance routine. Home maintenance such as oil changes and tire pressure checks keep you familiar with your car, meaning you are more likely to notice subtle changes in your Acura. Regular servicing at an auto repair shop will also help keep your Acura in perfect running order, as any internal issues are likely to be spotted early before they can cause much damage to your car.

However, sometimes faults just happen, and that’s why TechPlus Automotive of Phoenix, Paradise Valley, McCormick Ranch, and Scottsdale, AZ are on hand to help Monday through Friday. Our friendly team are experts in imported cars, such as your Acura. Our state-of-the-art facility and tools are utilized to ensure all repairs are of the highest standard. Call us or stop in today for an appointment.

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