Acura RLX Suspension Rattle

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by techplusaadmin January 8, 2022

The suspension system in your Acura RLX was designed to provide steering stability and handling, thereby ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride within the cabin. However, the dampening of shocks by the suspension system over time impacts the system, which causes it to wear out.

When your vehicle’s suspension system starts failing, the most common signs you may notice include bumpy rides, vibrations while driving, fluid leakage, rattling or clunking sounds as you drive, or uneven tire wear. The failure of the suspension system will impact the performance of the vehicle and your driving experience.

Causes of Suspension Rattle in Acura RLX

There are two primary causes of suspension rattle in Acura, and they are:

  • Worn Out Ball Joints: The ball joints are an essential part of the suspension system that allows you to steer a straight course. If it becomes worn out and breaks down, you will hear the rattling sound from the suspension, and you will no longer be able to control your vehicle precisely.
  • Worn Out Shock Absorbers: The shock absorber is an integral part of the suspension system designed to dampen shocks from the wheels as you drive. The shock absorbers allow you to move on bumpy roads and feel nothing inside your vehicle. However, the shock absorbers become worn out with time, causing the suspension system to rattle.

Symptoms of a Suspension Rattle

As you drive your Acura RLX, if you hear any rattling sound, that is a direct indication that your car’s suspension is damaged. Soon, apart from the sound, your car will exhibit some or all of the signs listed below.

  • Bumpy rides: The primary function of the suspension system is to eliminate road shocks from transitioning to vehicle components. When the suspension system fails, the shocks from the impact of road imperfections are felt in the vehicle cabin.
  • Uneven tire wear: When the suspension system of your Acura starts failing, you will notice uneven tire wear. The tires of your vehicle, especially the front tires, will wear out and require replacement if you don’t tackle the suspension issue. Reporting the issue to a specialist immediately you see it will go a long way to helping you save the cost of getting new tires.
  • Vibrations while driving: The piston seals and the valve found inside the suspension system might get worn out and break. When they break, the fluid contained in the shock absorber will start moving uncontrollably. Consequently, the shock absorber will not function as it should, and you will feel the impact anytime your vehicle hits a bump.
  • Fluid leakage: Finding fluid underneath your car can mean many things, and the suspension problem is one of them. A crack in the seal that connects the shaft and the shock absorbers will cause fluid to leak out of the shock. When you notice fluid underneath your car, do not conclude that the fault is from the suspension system immediately. Instead, have it checked out by a mechanic for the proper diagnosis.
  • Unresponsive braking: Since the braking system works closely with your Acura’s suspension system, the suspension system’s failure may affect the braking system.

Tech Plus Automotive: Scottsdale’s Leaders In Acura Maintenance and Repairs

Every mechanical and electrical part of your vehicle is built to deliver unrivaled performance. Suspension issues will reduce your vehicle’s Acura RLX Shock Absorber Check overall performance. That’s why we recommend routine maintenance because it helps detect problems in its early stages before it affects your vehicle’s performance.

At Tech Plus Automotive, our ASE-certified mechanics provide quality Acura services and repairs for drivers throughout Scottsdale. Our technicians employ the latest factory-grade tools and equipment to carry out complete diagnostic checks on your vehicle to ascertain the root cause of the problem. This is to ensure that your Acura gets the exact service it needs to perform optimally.

We are located in Scottsdale, AZ and we are also the go-to technicians for drivers in Phoenix, Paradise Valley, and McCormick Ranch. Our services are reliable and of high quality, because our technicians always put in their best work! Please call or visit our shop today to schedule your next convenient appointment.

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