These are the Perks of Sending Your Vehicles in for Fleet Repair

by Admin April 27, 2016

If you need one service for a member of your fleet, why not round the troops and come in for a thorough fleet repair? At first, it might sound daunting- all of your vehicles in at once? But it’s actually extremely time and cost friendly. Any long-time professional will tell you that it’s a valuable investment to make.

At Techplus, fleet service offers competitive pricing, easy scheduling, education and an unmatched experience with an expert staff. Technicians are readily available and the whole team will go above and beyond to accommodate your needs and schedule. Most of all, you’ll get the insight of experts who can tell you, overall, how your fleet is doing. No longer rely on yourself to keep track of the ebbs and flows under the fleet’s hoods throughout the year. There is plenty of responsibility on your lap, and memorizing the patterns of a specialized skill doesn’t need to be one of them. Let Techplus step in and keep you on top of your fleet game and better informed, all while using only a few hours of your time!

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. When you partner with Techplus to keep your fleet in optimal auto condition, you can expect to have upfront, honest estimates. You can trust the team to bring you reliable and fairly priced parts. You never have to second-guess the quality of tools and expertise- we bring the best of the best to the table every day. At Techplus, we pride ourselves not on the number of fleets we service, but the quality which owners cast on us through verbal and written praise.

Committing to consistent fleet auto repair is a masterfully efficient way to keep your fleet and services above par. Making appointments is easy, and you can complete your fleet checklist in one swoop. At your fleet’s appointment, an expert will be able to identify all of the repairs needed. Most are simple routine check-ups, but some climb to greater intensities. You’ll have a clear, comprehensive picture of how your fleet is doing and you’ll be able to account for repair and maintenance time in just one stop. Additionally, you won’t lose track of which vehicles need what. Commit to a set frequency for fleet check-ins (consult with a professional to determine; it will depend on vehicles, miles and line work), and forget maintenance as an aggravation going forward

When you’re ready to learn more and invest in the next step of fleet repair services, reach out to our Techplus team. We look forward to servicing you and the whole fleet family!

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