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Ways to Detect Valve Cover Oil Leaks in Your BMW

by techplusaadmin July 19, 2019

BMW vehicles have been a popular choice for foreign and luxury car owners for decades. They are known for being high-quality machines that offer more comfort and power than other leading brands. Unfortunately, they have their fair share of issues.

One of these all too common problems that BMWs face is a valve cover oil leak. The valve cover serves a vital function in your vehicle. It protects all of your parts and valves from being damaged by the elements, causing oil leaks, and all kinds of other issues like corrosion. When the valve cover breaks, you have a real mess on your hands that can severely damage your BMW if the problem is not fixed as soon as possible.

In order to avoid a disaster like this, you are going to learn:

● The ways to detect valve cover oil leaks
● What happens when the problem is not solved
● What you can do to resolve the issue

Warning Signs of a Valve Cover Oil Leak

If you experience any of these symptoms, it is a pretty likely that your valve cover is broken and causing your BMW to leak oil.

● You smell burning oil. The odor of oil is almost as unmistakable as the smell of gasoline. If you have ever been behind another vehicle with smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe, you know what this oil smells like.
● The valve cover is dirty. When your oil leaks, debris from the environment sticks to it and causes your valve cover to be dirty and gunky.
White smoke is coming from your BMWs exhaust pipe. Sometimes, the leaking oil mixes with coolant and creates the white smoke that you see.
● Your oil is low As most car owners know, you should have your oil changed every 3 months or 6,000 miles and you should have it topped off regularly. If you have had these services done recently and your oil levels are already low again, you should consider that the oil may be leaking.
● The engine is overheating. Motor oil keeps the various parts of your BMW lubricated so that they do not create unnecessary friction and heat as a result. When this happens to you, a lack of oil is one of a few likely culprits.
● Your engine is misfiring. When oil leaks, it can drip onto the spark plug tubes, causing your engine to misfire. As a result, your BMW will perform badly on the road.

What Happens When Oil Leaks Aren’t Fixed

If you delay getting your BMW inspected and repaired, no matter the cause of the oil leak, you are going to experience a lot more damage to your car. In some cases, these issues can become dangerous.

● The engine will fail. This causes the BMW to break down completely, and it could happen while you’re driving. Whether it does happen then or not, you will find yourself paying a lot more in repairs and with no way to get to work.
● The car catches on fire. This is one of the worst things that can happen. This will almost certainly injure you, your passengers, and any drivers around you, not to mention that your BMW will be totaled. You spent quite a bit of money for this vehicle; you do not want to throw it all away by not getting repairs when you should.

What You Can Do to Resolve the Issue

When your valve cover gets damaged and causes your BMW Valve Cover Oil Leak Check BMW to leak oil, you need to get to a qualified technician fast. The sooner you come in, the cheaper repairs will be. Don’t go to a dealership! They often charge more for service and parts than they should.

Instead of being cheated out of your hard earned money, come to Tech Plus Automotive where we care about the well-being of you and your vehicle. Our qualified technicians have been helping people like you for 16 years. That’s a lot of experience that the competition doesn’t have.

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