Volvo Transmission Shifting Issue

Ways to Identify Transmission Issues in a Volvo

by techplusaadmin April 14, 2020

If you drive a Volvo with an automatic transmission, your car shifts gears to most efficiently distribute the power created in the engine to the wheels. In an automatic transmission, the driver does that job. In either case, if there are hiccups in the shifting process, you may begin to notice. There are a few ways to identify transmission shifting issues in your vehicle, which this article will discuss.

What Normal Shifting Feels Like

If you’re wondering if you are experiencing issues with the transmission in your Volvo, it may be good to harken back to the days of a manual shift. Even passengers know when to anticipate shifts. Normal transmission shifting should feel smooth, not jerky. In addition, the shift should occur before the car reaches a certain amount of RPMs. This level is not necessarily defined, but after a while, especially after driving a car with a manual transmission, you will be able to feel when the car needs to shift.

Identifying Transmission Shifting Issues

Issues shifting your transmission can occur from wear and tear on your Volvo over time, just like with the many other parts within the vehicle. Multiple side effects may arise as a way to identify shifting issues, which are listed below.

Rough Shifting

This is one of the most noticeable signs of any transmission shifting issues in your vehicle. You may notice that your car doesn’t seem to want to shift into gear and may take longer than normal to do so. When it does shift, it may feel rough, and you may notice an audible thud or clank.

Transmission Slipping

If your Volvo’s transmission starts slipping, you may become frightened, and rightly so. Transmission slipping occurs when your vehicle changes gears unexpectedly when you did not intend for it to do so.

In cases of transmission slipping, you may feel the car run weaker and generally feel less powerful. You may also hear a different pitched hum from the run of the engine. These are all caused by the transmission “slipping” into another gear. If this occurs, you should consult a trusted mechanic.

Leaky Transmission Fluid

This is more of a way to confirm your suspicions of transmission issues. Transmission fluid under your car is never a good sign. Your transmission system needs transmission fluid to operate efficiently and stay lubricated and cool. When fluid begins to leak, it will not be able to operate as it should.

Check underneath your vehicle to see if there is a transmission leak. Transmission fluid is typically red and shiny, and a similar texture to motor oil. In this case, refill your transmission fluid and consult a mechanic to identify the source of the leak.

Delayed Engagement

Delayed engagement occurs when you shift your car from park to drive, but there is no response from the engine. Perhaps you press the accelerator for forward motion, but the car stays in the same place. This is caused by internal issues in your transmission and should be addressed by an ASE-certified mechanic.

These are just a few of the most common problems that occur with the transmissions of Volvos. Be mindful of any issues with the shifting of gears in your vehicle and make sure that you are taking the proper maintenance steps, like staying leveled off on transmission fluid and having a mechanic perform regular tune-ups.

Tech Plus Automotive will Help

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