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What Does the Jaguar’s Timing Chain Tensioner Do?

by techplusaadmin December 28, 2018

Jaguar has created a brand for itself around providing exemplary luxury vehicles that are not only comfortable but also sleek and efficient. The British car-maker does not disappoint when it comes to producing powerful automobiles that have earned them respect worldwide in terms of performance, fuel consumption, and safety.

As is often the case with other high-performance vehicles, some parts of these vehicles are also prone to wear and tear. One such part is the timing chain tensioner. A timing chain is a metal chain that runs within the engine and is lubricated by the engine oil. This chain is kept under the right tension by a timing chain tensioner that is operated by oil or hydraulic pressure or a spring-loaded mechanism.

A timing chain provides a connection between the camshaft and the crankshaft and coordinates the rotating motion of these two parts. The timing chain tensioner ensures that the timing chain is on the right tension to enable the top and bottom parts of the engine to rotate in sync.

Problems associated with Timing Chain Tensioner Failure

The timing chain tensioner wears off after a period of time, usually after a couple of hundred thousand miles. When this happens, some problems may start to show in your Jaguar. The main problem that may arise from this is engine failure.

If the timing chain tensioner is broken or worn out, the timing chain will not work properly. This will result in the top and bottom halves of the engine not rotating in coordination, causing the engine to experience difficulty in starting and running. This can then graduate into complete stalling of the engine.

Symptoms of a failing Timing Chain Tensioner

Some of the symptoms that will alert you to a problem in your Jaguar’s timing chain tensioner are:

Stalling or rough engine

Your Jaguar will run smoothly when the timing chain tensioner is working as it should. When it starts to fail, your engine will start to run roughly because of the lack of coordination between the cam and crank shafts. Stalling will also become a common occurrence.

Unusual noise from the engine

As a result of the poor synchronization of the belt that is occasioned by the failure of the timing chain, the engine may produce rattling noises, especially when starting the car. The engine may also have some irregular vibrations while running because it shakes and shudders in response to the lack of synchronization of the timing chain.

Check engine light comes on

The role that a timing chain tensioner plays in keeping the synchronization of the rotations in the engine is important and that is why when it becomes faulty, the engine experiences difficulties. These difficulties will make the check engine light on your dashboard to come on and indicate the code for a timing problem.

Causes of Timing Chain Tensioner Failure

Your Jaguar’s timing chain tensioner might fail for a number of reasons. Top on this list of reasons is wear and tear that results from friction within moving parts. Other than that, the engine oil pressure may run low and cause the tensioners to lose pressure. This in turn disrupts the engine’s timing.

A lack of oil, keeping the level of oil low, or using poor quality oil may also cause the timing chain and the tensioner to malfunction.

Maintaining Your Timing Chain Tensioner

While you may need to replace the timing chain tensioner over time, there are precautionary measures that you can take to ensure that your Jaguar’s engine runs at optimum with the tensioner functioning fully. This can be achieved by taking in your car for regular servicing at an auto-repair shop. Through these visits, the mechanic will be able to run diagnostics on your car and catch any irregularities before they cause any significant damage to the engine.

In case you have already started Jaguar F-Pace experiencing the symptoms of a failing timing chain tensioner, you may need to have it replaced as soon as possible. This kind of repair can be done efficiently by a reputable auto-repairs professional. The process involves removing of some engine mounts and therefore some specific equipment and knowledge will also be required.

At TechPlus Automotive, we have got you covered when it comes to fixing your Jaguar’s timing chain tensioner. Make a stop at the shop or book an appointment online and we’ll get your Jaguar running in tip-top shape again in no time.

*Jaguar F-Pace image credit goes to: teddyleung.

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