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Why Does the Air Suspension Fail in Jaguars?

by techplusaadmin March 23, 2019

While general wear and tear is a factor in any part of your vehicle, often how long your suspension lasts is contingent entirely upon your driving habits. You might have a failing air suspension much sooner than other drivers simply because of the way you drive. As the owner of a Jaguar, you might find yourself tempted to push your impressive sports car to its limits, taking sharp corners and driving faster than recommended. Unfortunately, pushing the car too hard can put undue stress on parts like the suspension, especially if you’re taking curves and turns quickly or navigating bumpy roads. In any case, it is important to be able to recognize the signs of failing air suspension so you know when to fix it and how.

How to Identify Failing Air Suspension

There are a handful of ways that you can identify when your air suspension in your Jaguar starts to fail. The first is a sagging vehicle. If you take a look at your Jaguar and you notice that it’s riding particularly low, even in just one corner, that can have serious impact on your overall performance. It is important to understand that the airbag along with the coil spring of the air suspension kit supports the weight of your vehicle and reduces the impact of road bumps while you travel. That is why you have a smooth and level ride when you get into your car. As these components start to wear down or get damaged, they’re no longer able to support the weight of your vehicle which is what causes your vehicle to sink. It is always best to install a new airbag or spring for your suspension as soon as you notice your car is sagging.

Another symptom is that your compressor continues to run. The compressor is part of your air suspension system and it makes sure that all of your suspension airbags are properly inflated at all time. Once they reach the appropriate amount of pressure your compressor should stop, so if it continues to run it might be time for a replacement. Most of the time if your compressor continues to run it is because there is a leak in your air bag, but it could also be a mechanical malfunction. It is best to have a professional check the condition of your airbags for holes first. If there is a hole in the airbag, it will need to be replaced. If the airbag is fine, the compressor needs to be replaced.

Other Symptoms

Most of the time when you drive your Jaguar, your shock absorbers, your airbags, and your springs prevent the suspension from absorbing too much road energy while you are traveling. This is what produces the smooth ride. However, once your vehicle starts to produce a bumpier ride it could be indicative of shock absorbers wearing out.

If you are traveling and your car begins to roll when you hit the brakes or lean to one side, it might be time to have the air suspension checked. This could be indicative of a worn-out strut or shock absorber. Remember that these common symptoms are helpful in making a correct diagnosis and spotting the issue early on.

Replacement Kits

The nice thing about failing air suspension systems is Jaguar Air Suspension Check that you can either purchase replacement kits and replace the components required on your own or bring your vehicle to one of our locations and have us do it for you. Having the air suspension kit will give you all of the components you need if and when they individually start to fail. You might only need to use a new spring from your replacement kit to fix the problem, or you might need to use more than just one piece out of your kit. Either way, you can have the materials on hand for when it is required.

When you begin noticing signs of suspension problems, it is important to act quickly to prevent them from snowballing into bigger problems in the suspension system. Come to TechPlus Automotive, convenient to Phoenix, Paradise Valley, McCormick Ranch, and Scottsdale, AZ, for assistance in diagnosing and repairing your Jaguar’s suspension issues.

* Jaguar F-Pace image credit goes to: y_carfan.

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