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Why You Should Stick to Your Car’s Scheduled Services

by techplusaadmin August 2, 2018

It can be difficult to stay on top of routine auto maintenance, especially because subconsciously no one wants to pay out of pocket for potentially expensive services that don’t guarantee them any exciting results. Unfortunately, when we forego these services we run into even greater problems down the road—literally. Falling behind on vehicle maintenance means that your car is not receiving the basic care it needs in order to maintain the performance levels and conditions under which you purchased the car in the first place. Furthermore, without ongoing maintenance your vehicle significantly decreases in value, more than cars already do naturally. If you have trouble bringing your car in for routine maintenance procedures or are not sure how often you should have it serviced, your manufacturer-recommended schedule of maintenance can help you manage it quite a bit. In combination with helpful automotive specialists, you can use an easy-to-follow maintenance plan that will keep your car in great condition and keep you out of the mechanic shop for big expenses. Here are some reasons why you should stick to your car’s scheduled services:

A Simple Answer for Auto Maintenance

Because so many of us are bad at remembering to schedule automotive care on our own, following a scheduled service plan can greatly improve attendance to a car’s basic needs. Following your scheduled maintenance provides a simple answer for auto maintenance planning that accounts for all the major services that a vehicle should undergo throughout its lifetime. Skipping out on these services can greatly impact your vehicle’s performance, value, and longevity.

Cut Down on Repair Costs

Like most people, you may find yourself putting off visits to an automotive shop until your car can no longer function without a service. Waiting for your car to start showing severe symptoms of a problem is not a wholistic approach to auto care, primarily because it doesn’t take preventive maintenance procedures into account. Skipping your scheduled maintenance plan can create problems in your vehicle that can cause further damage to other areas, causing you to pay a significant more amount of money to repair and fix a problem than you would have paid to simply prevent it.

Tailored to Your Specific Car’s Needs

All cars are different, and therefore all cars’ needs are different as well. A high-end luxury vehicle will typically need a little more maintenance than other average vehicles; however, the amount and type of care also varies among brands and models. It is important to base your auto care on the manufacturer’s recommendations because they base their maintenance plans on the specific needs of your vehicle make, model, and year. It’s important to trust the manufacturer’s suggestions, but also consider your own unique driving style, habits, and conditions. For instance, if you drive your car more frequently than the average individual, you may need to schedule oil changes more often.

Not One-Size Fits All

Even though scheduled maintenance plans are helpful for the average driver to abide by, you may have a totally different driving pattern frequency in use of your vehicle than others. As previously mentioned, it is important to consider how often you drive, your style of driving, and the distance you typically drive. Most maintenance plans are based on mileage, which should take into consideration the frequency of use; however, it does not take into account the drivers’ unique style of driving. for instance, if you are especially hard on your brakes, you will likely need brake replacements sooner than recommended by the manufacturer. It is important to consult with professionals who have a better understanding of you and your vehicle.

Our Approach to Scheduled Services

At Tech Plus Automotive, serving Scheduling Car Service the areas of Scottsdale, Phoenix, Paradise Valley, and McCormick Ranch, AZ, we have a wide range of clientele with diverse needs. Scheduled maintenance plans are critical to abide by for the average driver, but sometimes they leave much to the imagination. We tailor our services to each individual client’s needs so that we don’t miss out on the vital preventive care services that don’t quite fit in to the manufacturer’s plans. To schedule a consult or speak with a professional, contact us today—we look forward to hearing from you!

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