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BMW Engine Rebuilding is Not an Easy Task

by techplusaadmin June 16, 2020

To keep BMW vehicles performing at an optimal condition, the engine needs to remain well-serviced and maintained. If you have had your BMW for an extended period of time, there are engine parts that may fail, such as the engine bearings. In order to replace this part and others, a complete engine rebuild is required.

Making the decision to rebuild a BMW engine is a serious one and requires deep thought because it is a difficult task. To be successful at the task of rebuilding a BMW engine, you need to know ahead of time why you are rebuilding the engine, the steps to do so, and the professional option.

Reasons to Rebuild a BMW Engine

The 2 main reasons for a complete engine rebuild are worn engine bearings and improper lubrication. The engine bearings are what the moveable parts in the engine are mounted upon. When mounted on the engine bearings, parts such as the crankshaft and the rods are able to move freely to fulfill their specific duties. The engine bearings can quickly experience wear if they do not receive the proper amount of engine oil.

This leads to the second reason for a BMW engine rebuild: improper lubrication. To maintain optimal performance, the engine needs to be lubricated at all times. There is engine oil and coolant continuously flowing through all the parts of the engine. If the engine oil and the filter are not changed when recommended, the engine parts will wear at a quicker rate than expected. Over time, the constant lack of engine oil or coolant will lead to an engine rebuild.

Steps to Rebuild a BMW Engine

If you plan on rebuilding a BMW engine, you need to be prepared with the steps to do so, because this task is not an easy one. The first step is researching and obtaining all the tools that you will need to perform the rebuild. It is also beneficial for you to have an instruction manual for your BMW or for just the engine. This way you will have something to refer back to if you need to.

The second step is to drain all the fluid in your BMW. The engine oil and the coolant should be drained into different pans so the recycling process will be easier.

The third step is to prepare the engine for removal. Take off all the plastic covers, remove the radiator, and disconnect the battery and the starter. Then remove the starter, the exhaust manifolds, and the air compressor. Unbolt the engine from the transmission.

The fourth step is to remove the engine from the BMW. To do this, get the engine hoist in position, unbolt the engine from the mounts, and carefully lift the engine out of the BMW.

The fifth step is to mount the engine on an engine stand so you can move on to step six and remove the parts attached to the engine, such as the belts and accessories.

The next step is to inspect and clean all the parts that have been removed. At this point, you can set aside the parts that will be replaced.

The eighth step is to rebuild the engine in the reverse of how each part was taken out. Generously lubricate the parts as you attach them back to the engine.

The final step is to reinstall the engine block into the BMW using the engine hoist. Do not release the engine hoist until you have bolted the engine back to the mounts.

Professionally Rebuilding a BMW Engine

The steps provided above can be used as a rough BMW Engine Rebuildingoutline. Within each step, there are smaller ones that should be followed exactly in order to ensure that all parts are accounted for.

As you can see, the process of rebuilding a BMW engine is not an easy task. If this seems too daunting, you are not alone in feeling overwhelmed. In this case, it may be best to leave it to the professionals.

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